Rishtay Kisi Se Kuch Yun Nibha Lo,


K Us K Dil K Saare Gham Chura Lo,


Itna Asar Chor Do Kisi Par Apna,


K Har Koi Kahe Humain Bhi Apna Bana Lo,

Few good thoughts:

1. Pray as everything depends on God
and work as everything depends on you.

2. To handle yourself use your mind
and to handle others use your heart.

3. Don’t lose your mind in success
and don’t lose your heart in failure.

4. Beauty and color may attract the eye
but character appeals to the heart.

Care is the Sweetest form of Love.

When someone says take care.

It truly means that you will always be a special part of their life.

A beautiful thought:

Always learn the wisdom of compromise.


Its better to bend a little
rather than
to break any relation forever.

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