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SMS stands for Short Message Service

SMS is a communication service standardized in the Mobile communication system. It allows the interchange of short text messages between mobile phone devices.
SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet. Due to its low cost nature this service is highly popular among the teenagers these days.
The SMS technology has facilitated the development and growth of text messaging. The connection between the phenomenon of text messaging and the underlying technology is so great that in parts of the world the term “SMS” is used as a synonym for a text message or the act of sending a text message.
SMS as used on modern handsets was originally defined as part of the GSM series of standards in 1985, as a means of sending messages of up to 160 characters (including spaces), to and from GSM mobile handsets. Since then, support for the service has expanded to include other mobile technologies like ANSI CDMA networks and Digital AMPS, as well as satellite and landline networks. Surprisingly, some online messengers are also providing the messenger to mobile and mobile to messenger SMS facilities.

To overcome the limitation of the 160 character limit the Long message service is also there. Long Message service is nothing but the collection of some SMSs. Basically a Long Message divides itself in some 160 character SMS. Then each and every 160-character phrase sent one by one to the receiver’s mobile phone. Generally all the digital mobile phones do have the feature of short message service option.

With the improvement of Short Message Service some ring tones can also be sent through SMS using some special format. Later the scope of SMS was increased and the technology enables the man to send likes of pictures and video clips using GPRS system from one mobile set to another. But this service is named Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

Another type of Short Messaging Service has been introduced known as Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS). With this service it is possible to do something like MMS through SMS. The SMS can be sent in special text formatting (like bold and italics). Also some icons, animations, sound effects, pictures, and special ring tones can be sent through SMS these days. According to the researchers this EMS service is the intermediate stage between the SMS system and the MMS system. But this EMS system seems to grab some rapid popularity.

Due to the low cost and special SMS packages, SMS is now being used for Marketing purpose, known as SMS Marketing. Peoples use this service to promote their business and to inform about new product.

The same has now been converted to facilitate the mobile users providing them public service messages, alerts for the credit card usage, and the easy access to their utility bills payment and money transfer.

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