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Saghar Siddiqui

Saghar Siddiqui

فقیہہِ  شہر  نے  تہمت  لگائی  ساغؔر  پر
یہ شخص درد کی دولت کو عام کرتا ہے

Saghar Siddiqui was born in Ambala, British India in 1928. His name was Muhammad Akhtar. He received his early education from
Habib Hassan and got interested in Urdu poetry as he was impressed with is teacher.
First he used Nasir Hijazi as his pen name but later changed it to Saghar Siddiqui. He started attending Mushairas from the
age of 16.
Saghar Siddqiue migrated to Pakistan in 1947 (at the age of 19 years) without his parents and settled in Lahore. He wrote
poetry for film industry and published a literary magazine. The magazine was a critical success but a commercial flop.
Disappointed, Saghar shut down the magazine.
He became disillusioned as he saw corruption and nepotism being rewarded violating genuine talent. In his later life, he fell into depression, financially ruined and addicted to drugs.

As the world abandoned this genius, Saghar abandoned the world.

For years, he could be seen walking and sleeping on the streets of Lahore, living on the food and money given to him by those
who took him to be a beggar.
He would hardly talk to any man. Instead, he could often be seen with a stray dog that had befriended Saghar in 1968 and stayed, ate and slept with him on the streets of Lahore.

In early 1974, Saghar was found dead in one such street corner of Lahore. He passed away in his sleep.
The dog that was with him for more than six years never left the spot where Saghar died. Finally, one year after Saghar’s death, the dog too died (almost exactly at the same spot).

Full Name : Saghar Siddiqui  ساغر صدیقی

Birth Name : Muhammad Akhtar

Pen Name : Saghar

Born : 1928

Place of Birth : Ambala, British India

Died : 19 July 1974

Aged : 46

Occupation : Urdu Poet

Nationality : Pakistani

Wiki Page :

Poetry of Saghar Siddiqui


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