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Nasir Kazmi

Nasir Kazmi

ناصر اس دیار میں
کتنا اجنبی  ہے تو

Nasir Kazmi was born on 8 December 1925 at Ambala, Punjab within the British India. He started poetry in 1940 first with romantic poems and sonnets, later he started writing ghazals.

Nasir migrated to Lahore Pakistan in August 1947. He worked for Radio Pakistan as staff editor.

He used simple words with unique style for his poetry.

Nasir died due to stomach cancer in lahore.

پتھر بنا دیا مجھے رونے نہیں دیا
دامن بھی تیرے غم نے بھگونے نہیں دیا

ناصر یوں اسکی یاد چلی ہاتھ تھام کر
میلے میں اس جہان کے کہونے نہیں دیا

Full Name : Syed Nasir Raza Kazmi  سید ناصر رضا كاظمی

Pen Name : Nasir

Born : 8 December 1925

Birth Place : Ambala, Punjab, British India

Died : 2 March 1972

Aged : 46

Occupation : Urdu Poet, Writer, Journalist, Staff editor at Radio Pakistan

Nationality : Pakistani

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Poetry of Nasir Kazmi


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