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Being Happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, It means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections.
Crying isn’t showing weakness, its showing that you have been strong for too long.

Asking someone for forgiveness doesn’t mean that you are coward but it means you want to save the relationship.

Accepting others talent doesn’t mean that you are inferior but it means that you are wise enough to recognize GOD’S beauty in every human being…..

Sunehri Baatein

KHAMOSHI: Aisa darakht hai jis pr karrwa phal nahi lagta.

HASAD: Aisi deemak hai jo insan ko andar or bahir se khatam karti hai.

SACHAI: Aisi dawa hai jis ki lazzat karrwi magar taseer shehad se ziyada meethi hai. ZAHANAT: Aisa nadir poda hai jo mehnat k bagheir nahi lagta.

KHUSH AKHLAQI: Aisi khushbu hai jo meelon door se mehsoos ho jati hai.

NAFS:  Wo ghorra hai jis pr insan qabu paa le to duniya us k qadmon mein hoti hai…!!

Hazrat Ali (R.A)


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