We are strange people.
We do something first and think afterwards.
We leave someone and then regret,
We hurt someone and say sorry,
We love someone and do not tell,
We are diplomatic,
We are good to those only, who are good to us,

Still we claim to be the best while actually we are not.
We hate others for their small mistakes but we love ourselves despite of committing blunders.
We lose everything for one person, but can’t lose one thing for 100 persons.
We cut trees and say greenery brings joy.
We love but can’t get what we love and we don’t love what we get.
This is how we live how we love.

Strange but true we are never what we should be, but still we don’t confess.

Yes we are strange people.

Jab Dekho Mujhe To Apni Nigahen Thaam Kar Dekhna Wasi,




Kahin Meri Dard Bhari Nigaahon Se Tumhain Mohabbat Na Ho Jaye.

Socha Tha K Wo Bohat Toot Kar Chahay Ga Humain Ghalib,

Lekin Ye Kia Sitam Hai K
Socha Bhi Humne,
Chaha Bhi Humne,
Aur Toot Bhi Hum Gaye.

Great one says: “Understanding is deeper than love! There are many people who love us but very few who understand us”…

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