Friends and medicines play the same role in our life.
Both take care of us in our pains, but the difference is that friends don’t have any expiry date.

So many straws in one milk shake glass 🙂
so many fight for thori si Pepsi 🙂
so many hands in one chips pack,
so many friends on one bench,
so much laughter on 1 stupid joke,
so many phone calls on 1 birthday night,
so many hugs on 1 little worry,
so many tears on 1 little fight,
friends are the best part of my small life and you are the 1 in my friends list

Love you dear :))

I told an angel let my friend be healthy and happy forever!
Angel said: But four days only.
I said: Ok, let him be a spriing, autumn, summer and winner days.

Angel said: No, 3 days.
I said: Ok, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Angel said: No 2 days.
I said: Ok, a bright day(day time) and dark day (night time).

Angel said: No, just 1 day.
I said: Ok

Angel asked: which day?
I said: Everyday!

Angel laughed and said: You really care for your friend…

Touching Lines just before death..

“Don’t bury me immediately after my death,
My friends have a habit of comming late.

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