My relation is not like RAIN which comes and goes away.

My relation is like AIR sometimes silent but always around you.

Silence is the fence around wisdom.

If your foot slips,
You can always regain your balance,
But if your tongue slips you can never rebuild your image.

What is forgiveness??

A little girl gave lovely reply…

“It is the wonderful fruit, that a tree gives when its being hurt by a stone.”

ka bohat anokha rishta hai.

Bachpan mein neend aati hai
time bhi hota hai
magar sony ko DIl nahi chahta.

Jawani mein Neend aati hai
sony ko Dil bhi chahta hai
time nahi hota.

Burhapy mein:
sony ko dil chahta hai
time bhi hota hai
neend nahi aati….

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