Jab 5 second ki muskan se photo achi ho sakti hai to hamesha muskurane se zindagi achi kio nahi ho sakti hai?

so keep smilling 🙂

People say,
“You look good when there is a smile on your face”

But I say,
“Smile looks good when it is on your face.”

Wish you countless smiles forever. 🙂

Just because i don’t say anything to anybody, doesn’t mean that i don’t mind, . .
Just because my eyes don’t show tears, doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t cry & i don’t get hurt. . .
Just because I come out strong, doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong. . .

Often I choose to pretend that i’m happy. . .
So I don’t have to explain myself to people who’ll never understand. . .

Smiling has always been easier than explaining why i am sad…!

Morning is a good time to Remember all the sweet things and
all sweet persons in your life.

So wake up with your sweet Smile.

Good Morning

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