Yar mai ne suna hai k
Meenar-e-Pakistan ko khatarnak
building qarar de dia gaya hai,
aur 32nd March ko ussay
gira dia jae ga

Magar yar 32 march to hota hi nai.

Happy April Fool day.

Pathan or Gadhay me 3 batain comon hain.

Bachpan mein dono khobsurat hotay hain.

Bachpan se hi mehnati hote hain.

Baray ho kr dono transporter ban jate hain.

A man goes for fishing, catches a big fish.
Comes home and ask his wife to cook the fish.
Wife says she can’t as there is no gas, no electricity,
no floor (aata) and no cooking oil to fry it in.

Man goes and puts the fish back in the river.
Fish comes up to the surface and shouts

“Pakistan Zindabad”

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