Whenever i miss friends.

I look at the sky .
Although i might not see the person there…
but i feel happy that we are under the same sky…

Message of the Year

In the memory of 90s
when the most popular games were “chupan chupai”, “baraf pani” & “Oonch neech”.
when the best delights were polka, popcorns, jubilee & Mitchell’s toffees.
when Pepsi was worth Rs. 6.
watching 7:30AM cartoons before school on PTV & 7PM Ninja turtles, captain planet & Zoro…
When we were not allowed to watch movies but we managed it anyway.
when our best assets were bubble gummers shoes.
when getting Rs. 50 Eidi meant you were rich.
when decisions were made by “Akkar Bakkar Bombay Bow”.
when the worst nightmares were injections, darkrooms & Qari Sahab.
when Fanta was totally a girl’s drink.
when wonder bread’s BMX Cycle was a source of jealousy in the entire muhalla…
when while playing cricket rule was “Ghar me jany ka out or jo ball phenke ga wo khud dhond
k laye ga”.

Awesome Memories

Maine zindagi mein bohat se dost banaye, Kuch bohat khaas, Kuch bohat pyare  1-2 se to mujhe MOHABBAT bhi bohat thi, Kuch shehar chor gaye, To kisi ne ghar badal lia,  Kisi ne mujhe chor dia, aur kisi ko maine. Kuch doston se rabta hai, kuch se nahi, Kuch apni ana ki waja se rabta nahi kartay, Kahin meri ana mujhe rokti hai. Wo sub jese bhi hen, jahan bhi hen, Mery dil me aaj bhi unka ek khaas moqam hai…

Q k maine un k sath zindagi k yaadgar din guzare hain.


Tumhari Yaad Bhi Kisi Muflis Ki Poonji Hai,





Jisay Hum Sath Rakhtay Hain, Jisay Hum Roz Gintay Hain.

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