kisi pe trust karo to us bache ki tarha jisko aap hawa me uchalo to wo hansta hai darta nahi kio k wo janta hai k niche kamran akmal, misbah ya younis nahi mere abbu hain.

Couple silent in bedroom

Wife thinks:
why is he not talking to me?
is he thinking of another woman?
does he like someone else?
don’t i apeal to him anymore?
are wrinkles showing on my face?
is he trying to dump me?
is he now finding me ugly?
have i put on weight?
does my make uprepel him these days?
why is he upset?

Husbend thinking:
Agar shoaib akhter ko khilaya to bithaye gy kisko?
cricket v love you.

T20 World Cup 2nd Semi Final. Aus Vs Pak.
Pak Won the Toss & decided to Bat 1st.
Pak: 172/5 (20)
Aus: 155/8(20)
Pak Won the Match…
Mubarak ho Peshawar mein Match Nazar Aaa gaya hai.

Man made a call to the hospital
to inquire about his pregnant wife
but by mistake call went to a cricket stadium.

He asked,β€œWhats the condition?”
he fainted after what he heard,
β€œ7 are already out..
3 more will be out hopefully by lunch.
The first was a duck..”

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