Punctuation Power:
An English Professor wrote the words:
“A Woman without her man is nothing”
& asked his students to punctuate it.
All the boys wrote:
“A Woman, without her man, is nothing”

While all girls wrote:
“A Woman: without her, man is nothing”

Feel the difference.

Boy1: Meet my wife Tina.
Boy2. Oh! I know her.

Boy1: How?
Boy2: We were caught sleeping together.

Boy1: What the Hell !!!!
Boy2. During lecture in Maths class.

Think +ve 🙂

Woh Konsi Situation Hoti Hai,

Jis Main Mard 10 Minutes Mai Thak Jata Hai
Orat Chahti Hai K Wo Karta Rahay?




Girls misuse it!

Anger robs it!

Models sell it!

Photogrphrs cage it!

Doctors advice it!

Death freezes it!

Artists create it!

That’s SMILE
Keep Smiling..’

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